Monday, October 3, 2011

sky blue sky

scarf (worn as turban) - forever 21 girls
top - h&m
jeans - urban outfitters
belt - h&m
I wore and photographed this on Friday but I went home for the weekend so I'm only getting around to posting now. It was so lovely outside on Friday so I decided to dress for what I thought was sunny and warm weather, although most people I passed on the street had jackets on. Oh well! I am only now becoming a fan of jeans again after a couple of years of nothing but high-waist leggings. I've lost a few pounds with all of the medical stuff that's been going on so I'm realizing that clothes are fitting better and are much more comfortable now!

After class on Friday I went to study with my friend Shannon. Studying turned into makeup shopping, and she got some great new things, including a new Chanel foundation. I have absolutely no money to spend on cosmetics at the moment so I lived vicariously through her purchases! While we were attempting to study, a creepy older looking student approached us and asked if we would watch his laptop for two hours. After we told him no and explained we wouldn't be around studying for that long, he mumbled some strange things and after asking him to repeat himself it turns out he didn't even go to our school and was saying to me "I want to eat your boyfriend. I'm jealous of your boyfriend and would eat your boyfriend." We thought that strange encounter gave us all the more reason to abandon our studies for shopping! I still haven't stopped laughing about how bizarre the whole thing was.

This week isn't looking like it will be too hectic, which is such a lovely change from the past few weeks. I had a feature profile due today and decided to focusing on the blogging industry for men, so I interviewed Spencer Edwards of ProprPostur about his blog. Besides that I just have some readings and an essay to start on, which is great because I feel like I'm coming down with something. As I type this I am wearing head-to-toe fleece with my hood up; looking lovely I'm sure!

Hope all is well with everyone!