Friday, November 11, 2011

it's your song they've been singing

scarf - forever 21
grey top - h&m
shorts - american eagle outfitters
belt - h&m

I'm looking and feeling pretty grungy today. I started out wearing a skirt to class instead of the shorts, but it was very windy today and after a little wardrobe malfunction while talking to my teacher outside, I decided to run home and change into something a little more practical!  I threw on some knee socks too because it was a bit chilly today.

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks) where you are annoyed by everything and just want to be completely alone and silent for a good while? That's how I've been feeling for the past few days! I don't even feel like writing or talking, which is very rare for me. Really want nothing more than to go to the gym and then come home, have a tea, read some magazines and sleep.

Doing a TV package about the Twilight premiere and have an interview booked for tomorrow with a mother who is obsessed with the books/films - should be interesting!


Saturday, November 5, 2011


After a few months of hunting, I stumbled upon the perfect satchel this week at Aldo. I was looking for new booties but then the boy helping me told me about the huge sale they were having on bags.  Now normally I ignore sales pitches like this as he was just trying to get more commission I'm sure, but I went to look at the bags anyway and found this beauty.  The leopard lining definitely sold me!

I'm supposed to be writing a long article right now for my Monday class but instead I'm watching a movie with my mum and sister and looking at memes.  Saturday night - sigh. Back to work!


Friday, November 4, 2011

wool and lace

cardigan - mum's closet :)
lace top - american apparel
tank top - h&m
jeans - urban outfitters
belt - h&m
shoes - aldo
stopwatch necklace - forever 21
rings (l-r) - forever 21, aldo, h&m

Chose this outfit for school today, and my favourite thing about it is my mum's cozy cardi thrown on top! I also attempted galaxy nails once again, and they didn't turn out as well as they did when I did them about a month ago, but I still think they're pretty neat!  They're a lot more glittery in real life and I found myself staring at them in class instead of taking notes today. Yes, I am easily distracted!

I had class at noon and then spent a couple of hours in the editing lab at school working on my next television package about winter fashions - love the topic but it's not turning out as well as I had hoped it would.  So now I'm feeling frazzled and grumpy and can't wait to crawl into bed and sleep for (hopefully) at least 12 hours!

It's my friend's birthday party tonight and they're doing dinner and then going out to a club, but since I can't eat out and have so much work/feel like garbage, I'm going to head home and stay in to do some writing, have a nice cup of tea and head to bed early.

Oh, and we had some snow today, which made me the happiest girl for about five minutes until it stopped. The first snow fall of autumn/winter is probably my favourite day of the whole year! :)

Good night!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

pick apart a hundred flowers

So I've been absent from the internet for just about a month now - I wasn't posting regularly and just needed a break from a lot of things to clear my head and focus on my real life! I had some blog issues with all my photos disappearing a while ago so rather than try to salvage anything, I deleted most of my older posts and am starting fresh.

Here's what I wore today:

fringed tank top - urban outfitters
jeans - urban outfitters
booties - aldo

I absolutely love this outfit. I got the tank top last night in the sales at Urban Outfitters and with my gift card it ended up being free, which made my day. I don't care what anyone says, I love the fringe! The photos are crap quality because I took them on my way out the door with my MacBook, but I'm wearing my new lace-up heel booties from Aldo that I am completely in love with. I went to my foot doctor this week and she basically told me to scrap all of my shoes except for my runners, and told me to buy a pair of substantial heeled booties for times when I couldn't wear my running shoes. So my mum bought me these ones, and I got a lovely satchel that I shall post about tomorrow as well!

I suppose I should do a quick life update now:

School has been going so well this term. I've been keeping really busy with my school work but I'm not overly stressed about getting anything done, which is a lovely change for me. I have about one month left until winter break; I just can't figure out where the time has gone! Today flew by, it's insane.

Health-wise I am still going for tests to figure out what is up with my body. I had an important doctor's appointment this week that was neither very positive or negative or conclusive, just more tests, but I'm hanging in there. Since I can't eat much, I've become a total tea-drinking addict - I suppose life could be worse!

I've taken up some new hobbies. I've been working out a bit more often, and am trying to fix myself into a routine of going at least three times a week. I've also learned how to play the guitar, which is something that I've always wanted to do but never really had time for. The fingers on my left hand are actually a bit callousy from the strings, which I love!

I've been spending more time with my college friends who I hadn't been seeing very often or who I had lost touch with after I moved away for uni. Spent Halloween with them and had an absolute blast.

Off to the gym now, hope everyone has been well! <3