Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Holiday wear

I'm going on holiday with the family in less than a month and I'm obviously way too excited! Our last trip to Florida was in 2010 but it feels like it has been AGES. We're going to be spending just over two weeks at the beach and I'm already daydreaming about the sun and sand and sea! Here's an inspiration board of some items that I think are vacation necessities. Some of the items I own, and some are things I'd like to pick up before leaving (ahem tropical H&M dress).  I also think that one should wear as many nautical things as possible when near the ocean - and any day, really - so I'm also on the lookout for anything with stripes and anchors on it! What are your holiday essentials?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I thought I'd start a regular "What I'm listening to" post as I want to write about the music I'm listening to everyday but I think that would be a tad much! So I'm going to keep it to probably one post a week about a new song or an old song or a favourite song that I'm listening to on repeat that day or week. Music is a major part of my life and I can get quite *personal* when I talk about songs that really move me, so be warned! 

Monday, March 25, 2013


Feeling blousey
l-r: new look, h&m, forever 21, forever 21, h&m, h&m, top shop, top shop, h&m, h&m, h&m, zara, new look, forever 21, miss selfridges

Everyone knows that I LOVE my blouses. There's still tons of snow here but the temperature seems to be warming up, and that means soon it will be time to wear sleeveless blouses all I want! I love the styles on my "blouse inspiration board" because they are all quite cute and because they have some kind of special detail - whether it be an intricate pattern, some lace paneling or a big bow! The other thing I love about sleeveless blouses is that they are appropriate for work as well ~ at least my work anyway ~ and are comfortable enough to wear to run errands while still looking pulled together. I'm heading to do some returns later today and am going to be on the lookout for some pretty blouses with feminine details that I can pair with some skinny trousers and flats or wear tucked into a skater skirt this spring. What's on your spring wishlist? 

Friday, March 22, 2013

WHAT I DID | one of those days

Today I had brunch with two of my lovely friends from the Journalism program from which I graduated a few months ago. It's quite a strange thing, going from seeing some people on a daily basis to not seeing them for months at a time. It was good to catch up and have some real *girl talk* with them. We are all sort of at the same stage in our lives now, having just graduated and trying to sort ourselves out, so it was especially nice to chat with them as we're all in the same boat!

We ate at a restaurant called L'avenue and I had just about the best food I've eaten in a while - fresh strawberry and banana juice, and then plain yogurt with muesli and strawberries and bananas - so many noms. Felt very tropical too!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


"All questions aside, I asked and you lied."

These boys are probably my favourite band right now and have been for a while. They're coming to town in just over three weeks and I am so excited to see them live for the first time!

Friday, March 15, 2013

WHAT I DID | typical friday

Now that I've graduated from uni and am working as a freelance writer, my days pretty much go as follows: I wake early, hit the gym, then spend the rest of my day doing errands or writing stories I've been assigned, with multiple foods and tea breaks and maybe one or two sneaky Starbucks runs thrown in there. Scintillating stuff, I know! But I'm the type of person that needs a self-imposed routine to function well, so I quite like having a schedule and keeping an agenda even if I don't have anywhere particular to be.


Well hello!

My name is Lesley and I'm 23 years young. I've recently graduated from university with a Journalism degree and right now I'm working as a freelance writer.

I originally started this blog in early 2011 and mostly wrote OOTD and wishlist posts. I haven't blogged for about a year and I decided it was time to start back up again! But I realized that so much has changed in my life and that I'm in such a different place now compared to two years ago - so I deleted my old posts, revamped my page and am starting fresh! :)

I plan to blog about my life and the things I love - style, music, fitness, food, academics, and general ramblings- which means plenty of outfit photos, product reviews, 'what I'm listening to' type posts, shots of what I'm eating (sorry I'm not sorry!), workout routines, philosophical rants and stories about personal experiences. I've just returned from a month-long trip around Europe, which helped me to figure out lots about myself, where I see my life heading, and what is important to me. It also means I have thousands of pictures and handfuls of stories and need a place to put them, so where better than here?

I realize that blogs can be seen by some as *narcissistic* or *self-involved* but I don't always think that is the case. If I learned anything from my studies, it is that times they are a-changin' and that, as much as many of us may moan about it (myself included), most things are no longer private or unplugged. Blogs are often fun to browse and do not necessarily reflect the only things that are going on in the blogger's life or that the blogger cares about.  I think that blogs are lovely to look to for inspiration, advice, or just for a few lolz really - and I hope that is how my blog will be seen, if anyone chooses to take a peek.

So all that being said, welcome back old followers, hello to any new ones who might stumble by, and please do leave me a comment or question if you feel like chatting - I promise I don't bite. xx