Friday, March 15, 2013

WHAT I DID | typical friday

Now that I've graduated from uni and am working as a freelance writer, my days pretty much go as follows: I wake early, hit the gym, then spend the rest of my day doing errands or writing stories I've been assigned, with multiple foods and tea breaks and maybe one or two sneaky Starbucks runs thrown in there. Scintillating stuff, I know! But I'm the type of person that needs a self-imposed routine to function well, so I quite like having a schedule and keeping an agenda even if I don't have anywhere particular to be.

I had an appointment in the morning and interviewed someone for a story in the afternoon, so between the two I stopped in at the newest Starbucks location near mine, and sat doing some research about the piece I'm working on and drafting questions for the girl I had to speak to. Anyone else addicted to the Cool Lime Refresha? I was beginning to think I was developing quite a problem with them but this one left me queasy so here's hoping I'm turned off of them now!

I have to admit I've been neglecting my skincare routine lately, especially since I was traveling around for the month of February with very few products at my disposal. Today I decided I would try out the Soap&Glory "The Scrub Of Your Life" as I am in dire need of a new body scrub and this one smelled quite nice compared to the others I was considering. I also thought I'd try the L'Occitane Shower Gel with Almond Oil after Zoella mentioned it in a video recently. Winter has got the best of my skin and it's been quite dry so I'm quite looking forward to trying these out tonight. The woman at L'Occitane gave me a couple of handfuls of their new almond products that are launching next week, and my pharmacist gave me a bunch of small La Roche Posay serums - who doesn't love free goodies?! 

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