Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WHAT I'M LOVING | Current skincare faves

It's summer here, and with the (mostly) sunny weather comes sunburns, skin irritations, and dryness. Summer also means humidity, A.K.A sweat, which ends in breakouts and those under the skin blemishes that hurt like a mother for days. 

I've been struggling with my skin lately as it is a combination of very red and dry cheeks (thanks, rosacea) and an oily and blemish-prone T-zone. It's difficult figuring out how to cleanse and moisturize my face efficiently, and it usually means that I have to use a few different products - with different purposes and for different skin types - to get what I need out of my skincare routine. After experimenting with different products, I think I've finally found what works for me right now - a combination of targeted rosacea treatment and targeted acne treatment. 

Bioderma's Sensibio H20 Micellar Solution is a product that is definitely worth the hype. I've used it for ages now, but had forgotten about it for a while. It now has pride of place on my bathroom counter now, though, as it is the perfect light and refreshing makeup remover for the summer months - and any months, really! It removes even waterproof makeup with little effort, and it's incredibly gentle on my sensitive and reactive skin. I put this on a cotton pad and hold it over my eyes for several seconds, then gently wipe away my mascara and other eye makeup ~ if I'm wearing any, because it's summer and let's be really, who can be bothered really! I use another cotton pad soaked in this to do a once-over of my face, and then carry on with the rest of my skin care routine. Amazing!

The La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] is another product that gets rave reviews in the beauty community. After trying it on and off over the past couple of years, I'm totally back on the bandwagon! This targeted treatment works wonders when applied directly to any spots and blemishes. It is drying, which is why I would say it should only be used on spots and not as a full face moisturizer - well that, and it would run out way too quickly if used that way! It smells great, just like the other Effaclar products, and it really does clear up spots in no time - a win in my books!

La Roche Posay's Rosaliac AR Intense is really something that I would only recommend to someone with rosacea. If you have it, you know all of the symptoms - redness, small bumps, skin that feels tight and uncomfortable - and this serum works to treat all of that! It is a bit sticky, and almost caramel-like in both smell and texture. However, after using it for a while now, I really have noticed a difference. When my skin is feeling really tight, this serum instantly relieves it with a cooling sensation and long-lasting moisture. 

Number 7's Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm is my last 'current skincare fave' of the past month or so. I've only recently purchased it, so I haven't had the chance to test it out too many times, but so far I like what I see (and feel, and smell!). I have always been hesitant to try cleansing oils and balms and the like because I worry that they will irritate my skin, but this cleansing balm is just perfect. It's thick and feels really nourishing when on the skin. It lathers up (I use it with water, although I don't know if it should be massaged in as is) and rinses off easily, leaving skin feeling super hydrated, soft, and smooth. If all cleansing balms are like this one, I may be converted!

Just a few of the skincare bits of been using and loving (or re-loving, as the case may be with a few of them) in the past few months. What products are you absolutely loving in your skincare routine lately? xx

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