Friday, November 4, 2011

wool and lace

cardigan - mum's closet :)
lace top - american apparel
tank top - h&m
jeans - urban outfitters
belt - h&m
shoes - aldo
stopwatch necklace - forever 21
rings (l-r) - forever 21, aldo, h&m

Chose this outfit for school today, and my favourite thing about it is my mum's cozy cardi thrown on top! I also attempted galaxy nails once again, and they didn't turn out as well as they did when I did them about a month ago, but I still think they're pretty neat!  They're a lot more glittery in real life and I found myself staring at them in class instead of taking notes today. Yes, I am easily distracted!

I had class at noon and then spent a couple of hours in the editing lab at school working on my next television package about winter fashions - love the topic but it's not turning out as well as I had hoped it would.  So now I'm feeling frazzled and grumpy and can't wait to crawl into bed and sleep for (hopefully) at least 12 hours!

It's my friend's birthday party tonight and they're doing dinner and then going out to a club, but since I can't eat out and have so much work/feel like garbage, I'm going to head home and stay in to do some writing, have a nice cup of tea and head to bed early.

Oh, and we had some snow today, which made me the happiest girl for about five minutes until it stopped. The first snow fall of autumn/winter is probably my favourite day of the whole year! :)

Good night!



  1. LOVE the rings! All the jeweller you're wearing here is awesome x

  2. nails and rings I love... also can't remember the last time I had 12 hours sleep. So jealous x