Monday, December 12, 2011

'tis the season

dress- zara

The semester is finally over! I handed in my last project on Friday and now I'm off until the first week of January, which will be lovely.  I'm really looking forward to the holidays; spending time with my family and going to parties!

A friend from college is having a cocktail party for her birthday next week and this is the dress I picked out to wear.  I really wanted the green one but it seemed to be a bit defective so I went with black.  I love how it's so classic in the front and a little frisky in the back.  I'll pair it with some opaque tights and some platforms - can't wait!  I also got a little velvet dress and massive sparkly platforms for New Years, although I have yet to finalize any plans for the night!

What are you going to be wearing to your holiday parties? :)



  1. gorgeous dress! saw that in store!
    Poppy xx

  2. i absolutely adore this dress! it's perfect for a christmas party!

    found the route

  3. love love love the zara green dress it is so christmassy and stunning :) i want it xxx cute post xx