Thursday, December 1, 2011

please take me by the hand, it's so cold out tonight

blouse - h&m
jumper - h&m
necklace - urban outfitters

First off I want to say welcome to my new followers!  I was so shocked when I logged in today and saw that I had nearly 60! I know some blogs have thousands of followers, but 60 is huge to me as I didn't think that anyone would want to read my blog when I started it.  Also thanks to all the lovelies who have commented on my posts - if I could reply back to each of your comments I would. Does anyone know how to do this? Is it possible? Sigh, so technologically challenged.

This is not exactly an outfit post but thought I would share a photo of something I wore a few days ago that I absolutely loved.  I paired these tops with leggings and heeled booties and it was all very comfortable and snuggly but I still looked fairly put together which is important!

I was MIA for most of November - it was a month of many changes, all good. It's kind of lovely how going through hard times actually makes you realize the good things more and makes them that much more special!  I've made a resolution to start spending more time with the people in my life who make me truly happy, and as a result I'm really feeling very grateful for a lot in my life today.

I've been doing well at school - all A's which I'm so pleased about because I have really been working hard.  All of my group projects are nearly over (thank god!) so now I just have a final quiz tomorrow and a long feature due on Monday and then I'm done for the semester! My teacher is bringing us all out to a pub on Monday for food and drinks, which should be interesting if I choose to attend!

I ran in an election for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Journalism Students' Association at my university and I won!  We had our first event - a brunch - on Tuesday and the turnout was much better than I expected.  Hoping to plan many more exciting events for the coming term. I haven't been involved in much since high school, where I was literally involved in everything, so this is really great.

December is off to a good start as I got into a conversation with one of my professors today and he offered me an internship at his newspaper next year! This came as a total surprise to me and he had to ask me twice for me to understand what he was doing! My fingers are crossed that this works out and that my journalism dreams will be coming true shortly.

And I have a new hair cut which I'm absolutely in love with - I haven't been able to take a proper photo of it yet though, but I brought my hairdresser a photo of Zooey Deschanel, so it's similar to hers!

Well now that I've written this diary entry (haha!) I think I'll get back to procrastinating by looking at memes, playing guitar, and anything else I can think of to pass time that should be spent doing something productive.

Hope everyone is well :)



  1. I love the necklace. So unique looking :)

    Nice Blog.

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  2. Love the necklace. Goes well with the jumper:) Great post