Friday, May 17, 2013

WHAT I'M LOVING | can I just own everything in ikea?

This week my sister and I finally made a long-awaited trip to Ikea for a few bits and bobs for our apartment. The store really isn't far from where we're living but an Ikea trip always seems like a  momentous event so it was being put off for quite a while. I went in looking for a tray for my perfumes and thinking we'd be really quick but the Ikea-powers-that-be had other plans for us.

The store is under construction so we ended up entering through the exit, figuring that we would just do the opposite of what all of the EXIT signs were telling us and then we'd end up at the beginning. Except we forgot about that halfway through and then we ended up lost in Ikea for two hours. I'm not kidding. We walked past the same 'cameo of a pregnant woman' painting a good six times and spent most of that time laughing until we cried. We finally found the market area/exit which was downstairs the whole time, and all I got was a small set of tins while Kelly got some straws and a couple of glass cups - one of which I've already broken, whoops!

However, I have compiled a list of items that I think would be lovely in my apartment and that I hope to gradually accumulate as the summer continues. I obviously only need one bedspread but I'm hopeless at making a decision as to which kind to get.

It's sunny here today so I'm hopefully going to get some work done in a cafe by a window or maybe even in the park if it's not too chilly! I've got emails on emails on emails to send and a date with Raymond Williams that I've been putting off for weeks now.

Do you like Ikea? Would you recommend any items?


  1. these are all very cute items, great photos :D xx

    1. Wish I could take just about everything in the store home with me! haha xx