Tuesday, April 2, 2013

EASTER | treats and traditions

I spent the long weekend with my family, doing our usual "hot and cold" Easter egg hunt and feasting on turkey dinner. My sister Kelly made some lovely vanilla cupcakes and we decorated them with pastel icing and mini eggs. So. Many. Noms. I don't usually eat treats like these but I had to indulge this time. From the moment we arrived until the time we left, we played with my cousins (5 year old twins and a 7 year old), drawing, dancing, running around and reading. I don't see them very often but every time I do I am reminded of how very much I love those kids! 

During dinner we had some lovely woodland visitors! Apparently these deer are always walking around their property, munching on twigs and things. They weren't even spooked by us moving around not even feet away from them! I absolutely love nature and am so grateful that I am from the country and got to grow up around trees and deer and not city buses and sidewalks.
Off to spend the rest of my day writing emails upon emails and hopefully taking a long walk, although it's pretty chilly out there today and jammies and a hot cup of tea and some soaps might win in the end ;)

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