Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WHAT I'M USING | latest skincare routine

It's been a rough few months for my skin. With cold winter temperatures and too many plan trips and public transportation rides, my skin is really dry but also oily and prone to bad breakouts. I have rosacea (localized on my cheeks) and it is a difficult problem to deal with, especially when the rest of my face being the opposite and quite oily. Cleansers and hot water make my skin feel dry and tight, so I have to strategically cleanse and moisturize my cheeks differently than the rest of my face. I also workout -(ie get sweaty) a lot and am just awful at showering immediately afterward, so that doesn't help in the breakout department!

I've been a fan of the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for a couple of years now. It leaves my skin feeling super clean without feeling too dry and it smells almost like lilacs. I decided to add some more Effaclar products to my routine because lately the cleanser alone doesn't seem to be doing the trick and I seem to be breaking out worse than usual. I use La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR and a prescription cream on my cheeks but I've started using the Effaclar Mat on the rest of my face and the Effaclar Duo on specific spots. I'm really loving both at the moment, as the moisturizer really is mattifying and the treatment is great at clearing up breakouts. And both of these products smell like lilacs too - swoon! 

I've only been using the products for a few weeks but I haven't had an issue yet, like I have with other products *ahem Origins Checks and Balances* and have been seeing results. Obviously these products may not work for other people, but they're working for me right now! I think I might do a kind of 'favourites' post/video about my most loved skincare/beauty products, and I'm definitely going to include the cleansing gel as one of my all-time favourites. 

I've also been meaning to sit down and film a proper Europe (but more like London) haul with the souvenirs, beauty products, and clothes that I bought while traveling - I guess I should get on that sooner rather than later but work has me swamped at the moment so it will have to wait. I kind of feel uneasy making haul videos too as I don't want to come off like a braggart or sound *superficial* or something like that. I do genuinely enjoy watching them but I feel strange making them - does anyone else feel this way?


  1. Really want to try the effaclar Mat! x

    1. I'd definitely recommend it!
      ps love your blog! x

  2. I love la roche- posay skin care. They use quite good ingredients and you can always find a product, that solves specific problems)