Friday, April 5, 2013

WHAT I'M LOVING | chapters

So Chapters is one of my favourite places to go on a shopping day. It's a Canadian bookstore chain that also carries  accessories, homeware pieces, stationary, and gift cards. I walked in yesterday and fell in love with the colourful wallets, jewelry and scarves on display. Talk about perfect for spring! They also had a bunch of other *spring* things, like these chevron pillows, and the cutest TEA tea cups. I love tea and have a weird affinity for different fonts, so I think I'll have to get myself one of these! They also even have children's clothing and I just had to snap a pic of a little rain coat with pirate-dogs, treasure chests, and anchors on it. If they had had it in my size, I would have bought it right up! 

And of course no trip to Chapters is complete without a look through the book aisles a passion tea lemonade. Yesterday Kelly and I went to Starbucks so I could work on some stories that I am writing on a tight deadline. She didn't have any work to do so she got to spend the time poke-battling and reading The Walking Dead Compendium One. Kind of jealous, I won't lie. 

Speaking of The Walking Dead, my mum just informed me that there are novels about the governor and Woodbury, which I have to read now that I know they exist. My obsession with The Walking Dead is a bit extreme now as the third season was insane! I had a knot in my stomach during every episode and I am really excited to see how the fourth season pans out.


  1. nice post, really like those cute mugs ;)X

  2. I want everything in this post!!

  3. Looks like a store I would love :) Shame its not in england x

  4. Wow looks like somewhere I would love to go! I really hope to visit Canada someday and I think this would be somewhere worth giving a visit x